R&S Cinemas is the largest and the most premium entertainment destination in Anand city (Gujarat) that entertains 5,00,000 patrons annually.

Since its inception in 1971, the brand has redefined the way Anandites watch movies in the city. It started with Rajshree Cinema that was well-known for screening huge hits of 80s and 90s that use to make historic Silver and Golden Jubilees. This cinema use to solely showcase English movies and was often renowned among teenagers and youth as “English House”. In 1999, the founders of R&S started the first Air-Conditioned cinema with push-back seats in Anand and Nadiad district- Shivalaya Cinema.

In 2010, a brand was born- R&S Cinemas and the name was formulated from the initials of Rajshree & Shivalaya Cinema. R&S have state of the art facilities in terms of modern projection and acoustic systems, interiors of international standards, stadium styled high back seating with cup holder arm-rests, recliner seats, high levels of hygiene, varied theatre food, a selection of Hindi, English and regional movies, computerized ticketing and most importantly high service standards upheld by a young and vibrant team.