RnS Cares Is Our Commitment Towards Ensuring The Health & Safety Of Our Guest And Staff. As The World Steps Into The New Normal, The Ethos Of RnS Stands Reinvigorated, Driven By The Supreme Importance It Places On The Safety, Comfort And Delight Of Its Guests. All Of Us At RnS Are Grateful For The Immense Trust Placed In Us By Our Guests.


In Our Commitment Towards Your Health And Safety We Will Actively Monitor And Evolve Our Preventive Measures To Ensure That We Continue To Take Care Of Your Every Comfort And Well-Being; Bringing You Heart-Warming Moments And Spellbinding Stories From Around The World.


The Entire Cinema Will Be Sanitized Using Advanced ULV Electrostatic Spray Guns With Certified Long Lasting Protection. All High Touch Points Will Be Religiously Disinfected at Regular Intervals And Auditoriums To Be Disinfected Before The Start Of Each Show. Food, Crockery And Cutlery Will Be Sterilized In UV Cabinets Before Serving, While Only Disposable Food Packaging Will Be Used In Regular Cinemas.



While Caring For Our Guests, We’re Paying Equal Attention To The Well-Being Of Our Staff. They Have Been Extensively Trained On The New Safety Protocol And Stringent Hygiene Practices. Additionally, There Are Measures In Place For Their Safety, Such As Daily Health Monitoring, Monthly Health Checks By A Certified Doctor, Sanitization Of Office Spaces And Personal Protection Equipment For All. We Believe That By Caring For Our People, We Are Not Only Providing A Safe Workplace But Also Ensuring That Our Patrons Enjoy A Safe And Hygienic Environment.