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Why Advertise at R&S?

We are Anand city’s premiere multiplex chain with highest footfall of 3000 to 4000 patrons per day on weekends and 1500 to 2000 patrons per day on weekdays. Besides attracting a premium and upscale clientele with spending power, we have succeeded in creating ideal spaces for high-impact advertising that engages the customer whilst spending time at leisure in the multiplex premises.

Why Cinema Advertising?

  • Captive Audience : 100% focus on advertising communication
  • Focused Target Group Profiling: Genre of the movie determines the audience.
  • Unmatched Impact: In terms of screen size and projection clarity.
  • Audio-Visual quality : High Definition Audio and Visual Quality
  • Zero Wastage : Ads are only displayed onscreen once the audience is in.
  • Higher Attention Span : Consumer is at leisure and more amenable to the advertising communication.
  • Variety of advertising options : Multiple advertising opportunities to effectively target the consumer at various touch points from entry to exit.

Why your brand should be at R&S?

  • R&S Cinemas is 4 Screen Multiplex with total seating capacity of 1000 seats.
  • Entertains over 8,00,000 customers every year.
  • Premium locations either in elite residential catchments or prime business areas.
  • Attracts an upscale audience with the ability to spend.
  • World class ambience. State-of-the-art modern projection & acoustic systems.
  • Focus on providing customised and innovative advertising solutions.

On-Screen Advertising

  • On-screen advertising comprises of digital commercials and static slides.
  • Digital Commercials are played for a minimum of three times a day per auditorium with the main movie either during the beginning or interval.
  • Static slides (with or without voice over) are played inside the auditorium in all the shows for a duration of 10 sec per slide.
  • Commercials need to be provided in DIGIBETA format. Static Slides need to be provided in 15cm (W) x 10cm (H) in 300 dpi resolution.

Main Lobby

  • Standee in main lobby
  • Backlit Poster in main lobby
  • Pillar branding in main lobby
  • Big wall brandings in lobby
  • Posters and Video Promos on Digital LEDs
  • 5’ x 5’  Kiosk promotion in lobby
  • Product display in main lobby
  • Cut-out displays in lobby
  • Floor Stickers
  • Gate Arch at Main entrance

Box Office and Outdoors

  • Branding on box-office Panels
  • Sampling of Posters at box-office
  • Digital LED posters at box-office
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Ticket Jackets
  • Discount Vouchers distribution
  • Standee display at box-office
  • Outdoor Banner on main facades and parking arena

Branding in CROWN- Gujarat’s #1 Royal Cinema

  • Standee in Crown Lobby area
  • Branding on digital LEDs
  • Tent Cards on Crown recliner tables
  • Branding on Crown blanket tags

Concession Branding

  • Popcorn tub branding
  • Branding on digital LEDs
  • Food Product Sampling from Concession

Washroom Branding

  • Branding on washroom doors & mirrors
  • Stickers on urinals in gents washrooms

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